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Wifey’s World – Blowjob Bib

Wifey Gives Head Wearing Her New Blowjob Bib

Since we just finished Thanksgiving I should probably stick to the theme and show my thanks for the heavy shooting penis Hub lined me up with this scene! 😉 I ran into this cute little bib when I was out shopping for naughty items for a party my friend was throwing with a theme of bondage. Thought it would fit the site perfectly! I also found these hot nipple clamps, which really heighten my orgasms. Very hot..

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Wifey’s World – BBC Hotel Adventure!

Wifey Gets Filled in BBC Hotel Romp

In our newest video I meet up with one of the most impressive monsters I’ve ever been with! Ten thick inches of meat and this time he almost broke me. When I got his jeans down I could barely believe my eyes! WHOA! I couldn’t wait to get that HUGE dick in my mouth. He really knew how to drill a hotwife. I was limping for two days after that. Yes, his load matched his member. Massive finish, all over my face.

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Wifey’s World – Feed The Kitty

Catwoman Gets Her Milk, In A Wifey Cosplay Halloween!

In the latest video the Catwoman comes in and decides that she can fight crime better by draining her villain rather than fighting him. She pops in and finds a bad guy trying to rob a house, so she takes matters into her own “hands” and proceeds to suck the massive white stick of her opponent. I think it did the job as he completely lost interest in anything other than Catwoman’s impressive rack! After tit fucking her like a ragdoll he shoots an enormous load all over her face and huge tits!

Wifey's World, Feed the Kitty 01
Wifey's World, Feed the Kitty 02
Wifey's World, Feed the Kitty 03
Wifey's World, Feed the Kitty 04

Happy Belated Halloween! I had to see a scene with Catwoman sucking off a hung stud to save the city!

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Wifey’s World – Milk Mania!

Wifey Challenges A New Friend On The Milking Table in Milk Mania!

This week I bring in a new “friend” (we’ll call him The Rocket) to try his luck on my milking table.. He had flown in from the East Coast and our schedules happened to match up. He had sent a few vids of his “stuff” and cumshot and looked promising.. Mission Accomplished!

In the second part of the video, I pop into our guest casita to suck and f*ck Hub for a while before cumming like a fool with my new huge vibrator.. WOW!!

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Wifey’s World – Sissy Drains Gman

Wifey’s Sister Stops By and Drains Gman’s Massive Member

In our latest family drama, my horny untrustworthy sister came by while I was gone, helped herself to my clothes, then filmed a scene with her fucking Gman while my husband filmed it!! Can you believe the nerve of this woman?! Oh my goodness.. 😉

Watch my horny sister, Sissy blow and ride a massive BBC , Only at Wifey’s World!

That is ONE MASSIVE Cock! You really got to see it to believe it!

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Wifey’s World Presents – The Deal

Wifey and MasterBlaster in “The Deal”

These are some very strange times and Hub and I both appreciate all of you here, the one thing that has stayed the same!!..

So I have really missed the role-playing that Hub and I used to do. Wanted to go back and do another little skit and it REALLY turned me on. Something about being the damsel in distress pushes my buttons.. Next time I have a feeling that I’m gonna have to fuck Hub’s boss to save his job (I’m such a GOOD wife.. 😉

Loved the Blowjob scene and especially the ending. I really concentrated on getting most of MB’s heavy load INTO my mouth!! Its usually shooting everywhere!

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Just watch me get a deal on this dishwasher repair! LOL

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Wifey’s world – Summer Slut

Summer Slut – A New Wifey Threesome

I guess this whole lockdown thing is starting to get me super horny! I miss being able to meet new “friends” to play with. Luckily Hub decided I needed a good double teaming so he invited over one of his hung friends so they could both “use me” 🙂 We went out to the guesthouse and they acted like they couldn’t be recognized and donned masks – which for some reason is super hot! I got them both off in a huge climax ending! Don’t Miss This One!

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Check out my latest three-way suck and swallow! Summer Slut is an dirty Wifey’s World video.

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Wifey’s World – The Solo Show!

Wifey’s Solo Show (With Toys)

I get a ton of emails from guys wanting to see me do solo masturbation scenes. I’m the first to admit that I feel uncomfortable doing it in front of the camera- not that I don’t enjoy masturbating (I masturbate almost daily) but I am MUCH more comfortable having a penis co-starring with me!

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Toys, Toys, Toys

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